Wednesday, 6 March 2024 12–1 PM GST

Stay ahead in the legal field with our webinar on “Expert Evidence Case Law Update and What It Means: Practical Points” on Wednesday, 06 March 2024, from 12–1 PM GST. Dive into the latest developments in expert evidence case law and uncover their impact on litigation practices. Perfect for legal professionals who aim to refine their strategies with up-to-date knowledge.

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Webinar Details:

What you’ll learn:

  • Latest Case Law Updates: Quick insights into recent pivotal cases.
  • Judicial Trends Analysis: Predict future impacts on litigation.
  • Case Law Application: Tips on incorporating updates into practice.
  • Expert Testimony Challenges: Solutions for common hurdles.
  • Ethical and Compliance Guidelines: Ensure your approach is sound.

Who should attend:

  • Legal Practitioners
  • Judiciary Members
  • Academic Researchers and Students
  • Legal Consultants and Experts

Key insights preview:

  • Analysis of significant recent cases.
  • Strategies to bolster expert evidence reliability in court.

Join us to bridge the gap between case law updates and practical application in your legal work. Register now for essential insights into expert evidence.

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