DocketLive is a specialist group for solicitors and clients, claimants who often live in social housing, and local authorities and landlords. We receive instructions from others that require both sides of the argument to take action as the practitioner recommends.

We pride ourselves on providing genuinely unbiased professional service from our real estate appraisers, who not only perform appraisals but are experts in determining the cause and treatment, along with the budget, of home defects. We also understand where appropriate actions can meet any liability.

When we act for claimants, clients tell us that the quality and detail of our stories, combined with social work and persistence, make it a unique service we provide using chartered building surveyors, enables them to quickly reach a settlement without incurring the costs and delays of pursuing claims through the courts. This is an excellent opportunity for claimants who have lived in substandard housing for years. This ensures that necessary improvements are made to avoid further unnecessary delays.

We often find that after producing a report in support of allegations against a tenant, we are subsequently approached by the tenant themselves or their attorneys requesting to make a report for them to defend the claim.

Our Surveyor Services can include: