Millions of homes across the country have had Cavity Wall Insulation fitted which Is proving be causing damp and other more serious problems, which might not show for some years to come. The BBA issued guidelines that should have been followed by contractors doing the install which were not, some of the many examples include the following:

  • An active damp course was not in place.
  • Joining property walls were not brushed off.
  • Property should not have been insulated.
  • Cavities were not cleared of debris prior to install.
  • Not enough or incorrect insulation materials were used.
  • Damaged brickwork was not repaired prior to install.

If your property didn’t get the proper pre-survey and pre-treatment or a stub-standard installation, damp problems may already be present or can lurking unknow to the house owner and may not show for some time. Your property might only be part insulated or some walls missed out altogether.